Cheap Flights from Chicago to Shenyang from $1,088 | (CHI - SHE) - KAYAK (2023)

Pros: "Crew was grest and helpful"

Cons: "Seats on 777 are not padded very well for a 14 hour flight"

Pros: "The service vayama were trying to charge fees way over the normal fees for any adjustments"

Cons: "If they could of tried to be helpful when trying ro change dates"

Pros: "Comfortable seat, pleasant crew."

Cons: "The food was terrible."

Pros: "On time, great meals, great friendly crew! Forgot how much I appreciate flying with Korean Air!"

Cons: "No improvement needed!"

Pros: "crew was nice. not enough space in overhead stow. other passengers bag ate up my legroom"

Cons: "Great service on Korean Air as always."

Pros: "This was not to positive off a flight."

Cons: "Boarding easy, I am Handicapped, but arrival was a joke. Was never offered assistance. After 12 hours on a plane with braces on both legs you have to walk about a half mile to baggage and stand in lines to get out."

Cons: "The food is usually good on korean air but wasn’t great this time"

Pros: "Boarding was Great! Crew were also great. Food were ok. Entertainment were great."

Cons: "Snacks and foods were okay. Could have been a bit more, or add a bit more snacks."

Pros: "It seemed noise free but I think that’s because they turned all the lights off as if night time. The flight attendants were helpful when asked and friendly"

Cons: "The 1st 6 hours I had to keep calling for water as no one came around. More movie options."

Pros: "Services from the crew and the seat are what expected being in eco-normic class."

Cons: "can upgrade or afford to go by at least business class"

Pros: "Professionalism, appearance, flight attendants, provided slippers and toothbrush, seat space, great food and drinks"

Cons: "The movie selection was small and a bit outdated"

Pros: "Everything, the crew was outstanding. I haven't flew with all airlines but Koren Air was so good that I don't want to fly with any other airline, all ways Koren Air from here on out."

Cons: "The second meal wasn't the greatest but I think it was me not the food."

Pros: "nothing, i regret flying west jet but i had no choice bc it was the only option for my layover."

Cons: "- boarding was late - take off time took forever (kept circling around) - no entertainment - uncomfortable seats - very loud plane compared to other airlines"

Pros: "Flight was very nice, good service and new aircraft. Korean Air needs to get better selection of movies"

Pros: "Good is in Vietnam finish"

Pros: "My flight to Seoul was originally through Air Canada but my flight was cancelled due to weather in Toronto. So I was rebooked with Korean Air and I loved every minute of my flight. The staff are so talented speaking flawlessly in Korean and English. They made me feel comfortable for the whole 14 hours. I’d definitely fly with them again."

Pros: "Long flight....seats were comfy for economy....nice crew....good overall experience....entertainment was okay for its selection on movies and music."

Cons: "Food got me sick the next day....would have been great if wifi was available"

Pros: "Great customer service. Smooth flight. Friendly and helpful stewardesses despite the language barrier ( I don't speak Korean)."

Cons: "Really no complaints. It was just a super long flight and it was too uncomfortable to sleep."

Pros: "The seats were very comfortable on this aircraft. The food was great and the staff was very attentive,"

Cons: "I wish the flight was 2 hours longer so I could sleep more on the plane."

Pros: "Great"

Cons: "None"

Pros: "I have flown a great many long haul flights and this airline is right up there in the top ranks. Excellent flight crew and comfortable seats."

Pros: "The food is outstanding, the on-board service is wonderful."

Cons: "Unfortunately our flight was very delayed causing problems for lots of connections. Also the check in agent at BKK was not nice at all"

Pros: "Food, drinks, snacks, comfort level."

Cons: "Selection of movies is really bad."

Pros: "Great smooth flight!"

Pros: "The seats were comfortable and the crew was nice"

Cons: "Horrible delayed and no food offer or available even to purchase!"

Pros: "bring you anything you need. so helpful."

Pros: "Polite, attentive crew"

Cons: "Lie flat seats on the 777 did not go completely flat."

Pros: "Excellent service and food."

Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Even though we booked this flight through Southern China Air, the flight was operated by Korean Air. Translation: the service, food, comfort level and crew were highly professional."

Cons: "Great flight! Great service! Great food!"

Pros: "Korean Air hosted us on four separate flights to SE Asia, a trip from which we have just returned. Of all of the airlines that we have used over the decades, Korean Air rates at the very top. We have no complaints, only a sense of what a first-class operation it was for us."

Pros: "The flight crew was attentive and the meal options were suitable. The in-flight entertainment featured a nice selection of movies."

Cons: "The seating in economy class was adequate regarding the comfort standards given the duration of the flight."

Cons: "I can't flight. What happened?"

Pros: "Food not too bad, plenty of beverages."

Cons: "Nothing not to like."

Pros: "There was enough leg space even though we were couch and the flight attendants were nice. They also fed us regularly and gave out snacks and drinks so this made the 15 hours plane ride more pleasant."

Cons: "It was HOT. We and other passengers told the flight attendants about the heat but nothing really changed. The air circulation was poor and people were sweating on the plane. Because of this, it was stale and smelly. I'm not sure why the circulation on their plane was so poor but it really made the flight more difficult than it should have been. I thought it was a one time issue but it was also hot on the flight back as well."

Pros: "Child friendly with special requests meals. Very accommodating FAs. Always efficient from checkin to boarding. Smooth ride. Great inflight entertainment. Good food. Hot meals all the time. Very Good customer service. Would love to fly Korean Air again."

Pros: "The friendliness of the Korean employees was outstanding - always had a nice smile and very courteous. My husband and I flight economy and usually when we fly long distance we will try to upgrade to comfort seating so legs aren't cramped (additional cost with Delta airlines) . With the Korean airlines the economy comfort seating was not an option but then actually not needed since the leg room was quite adequate. The blankets and other amenities for the flight were a nice touch with the blankets being very nice and cozy."

Cons: "The Korean airlines line at airport in Shanghai for ticketing and handing off of luggage was way too long. We thought arriving at the airport 2 and 1/2 hours prior to flight plenty of time for checking in but had to scramble to get to flight in time. With the menu - certainly was offered enough food but would like to see a vegetarian option as to meal."

Cons: "Next time"

Pros: "Boarding was smooth. Seats weren't too bad. Decent selection of movies, but have had better. USB plug at every seat. Ordered vegetarian meal but didn't arrive."

Cons: "They didn't have my vegetarian meal that I ordered so was pretty hungry."

Pros: "Service was nice and speedy"

Cons: "Seat was stiff"

Pros: "nice planes"

Pros: "I liked stewardess's kindenesses"

Cons: "food"

Pros: "same as above"

Cons: "same as above"

Pros: "I like that KE is lenient with the baggage allowance of 23kgs per piece that some can still go up to about 25kgs due to measurement system used (Metric vs. US). I also like that KE has bigger leg room even in the economy class."

Cons: "I don't like the fact that KE charges the 3rd baggage (excess baggage) US$200 for only up to 23kgs. Anything beyond that is additional $100 for only up to 32kgs. another $100 beyond 32kgs. I will state for a fact that Cathay Pacific only charges US$150 for the 3rd baggage and is already up to 32kgs. Perhaps this is something KE would like to look into. In spite of Cathay Pacific's excess baggage rates, they have a smaller leg room in the economy class."

Pros: "It was really the best flight I've been on! A very comfortable and relaxing trip. The staff were very kind and happy to answer any questions that came up. Overall I was very impressed and highly recommend Korean Air!"

Cons: "I have to wait for my next flight about 8 hours ."

Pros: "Professional staff great movie selection"

Cons: "Nothing"

Cons: "Comfortable seating in Prestige class with attentive pleasant crew and nice entertainment"

Pros: "It was quiet. Boarding was fast. Holdup was at the scanners. Crew was very friendly and courteous."

Cons: "The food selection could be better. The portions are very small. The snacks selections are poor and very small. There is too little sitting room with the pillow and blanket they give you. Somewhat uncomfortable for a 14 hour flight."

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