Dark Army Resurrection [The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)] [Mods] (2023)

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Something went wrong with the ritual thatawakened Link, maybe Zelda said the wrong words, who knows, the factis that the Dark Army has been awakened.


DarkArmy Resurrection is a mod that adds 6 rank of Stal Enemies spawning all day long plus more enemies all over Hyrule,including regular enemies (Bokoblin, Lizalfos, Moblin), Mini Guardians, Wizzrobes, Golems, Hinox, Guardian Stalkers and Lynels all day long.
Nightimeare more dangerous and you gonna encounter more Stals, StalLynels,Stalnox, plus all the other mentioned enemies.
You can't sleepat camp fires so be careful and plans to stop by stablesand inns to sleep.
Regular Enemies (and their weapons) and MiniGuardians, will automatically rank up and increase their number as long as you complete thedivine beasts.
Enemies have a chance to spawn other enemies when theyget killed, for example regular enemies will spawn their stalcounterpart.
The higher is the enemy rank, the higher is thechance to spawn enemy.
Stals have been recoloured in black (optional) andtheir eyes and horns colour indicate their level.
Enemies eyes and horns havebeen lightly recoloured in order to match their rank, for example Junior Enemies have now yellow horn and yellow eyes, and they willspawn Stals with yellow horn and yellow eyes.
Here is alist with new colours and rank:

*Yellow horn andeyes, Junior enemies (weaker).
*Orange horn and eyes,Middle enemies.
*Red horn and eyes, Senior enemies.
*Bluehorn and eyes, Cursed enemies.
*Green horn and eyes, Goldenemies.
*Purple horn and eyes, High rank stals(stronger).

As the Stals level up, they gonna have moreHP, they will inflict more damage and they gonna be faster.
Bossesenemies have double Life and more resistant weakpoints, which meansthat you gonna be prepared for fighting them (optional).


DARalso adds some effect to regular weapons and adds 18 new standaloneweapons with special powers.

*No moreBroke weapons when trowed.
*Wood weapons won't bedestroyed by fire but will keep burning adding some fire damage tothe attack.
*Elemental Bows are bows that will shoot 9elemental arrows per time. You can get them killing the StalLynel during nights.
*Whip sword (sword of creator) issuper effective against small stals (not the stal lynel and stalnox)and grudges, killing them with one hit.
*Lynel Axe iseffective against lynels (not the stal lynel) dealing 4xdamage.
*Lynel crushers are effective against Hinox andStalnox dealing 1,5x damage.

Magicalweapons are a series of territorial weapons that have been lightlyrecoloured and have some magical powers that can be used with the 'R'button and deals double damage than their regular counterparts. For adetailed description of Magical weapons take a look here:https://gamebanana.com/mods/289740.
Youcan find all those magical weapons killing Stalnox. Also ElementalStal Lizalfos have chances to drop one magical weapon of theirelement. Stals have small chances to drop Whipsword and regularenemies have small chances to drop Lynel Axe. you can see Stal Lynelsequipped with some special weapons sometimes.
You can also findspecial weapons in chests around hyrule, usually not respawnablechests and guarded chests.

Enemies andWeapons Level up System

As soon as you complete theDivine Beast Quests, random enemies spawned will increase and levelup in this way:

*0 Divine Beasts completed: randomJunior and Middle Stals; Junior Enemies; Mini Baby Guardians; JuniorLynels all day long.

*1 Divine Beast completed:random Middle and Senior Stals; Junior and Middle Enemies; Baby andJunior Mini Guardians; Middle Lynels all day long.

*2Divine Beasts completed: random Senior and Cursed Stals; Junior,Middle and Senior Enemies; Junior and Middle Guardians; Senior Lynelsall day long.

*3 Divine Beasts completed: randomCursed and Gold Stals; Junior, Middle, Senior and Cursed Enemies;Junior and Senior Mini Guardians; Cursed Lynels all day long.

*4Divine Beasts completed: random Gold and High Rank Stals; Junior,Middle, Senior, Cursed and Gold Enemies; Junior,Middle and SeniorMini Guardians; Gold Lynels all day long.
As long as enemieslevel up, they will be equipped with stronger weapons.
Stalsand regular enemies will also be equipped with territorial weapons,for example if you are in the Gerudo Desert you gonna find Stals andregular enemies equipped with Gerudo weapons.

In Game Options

From version 2.3, I've introduced the In Game Options System, which will be selectable by simply stopping at a campfire. Here is the Full Scheme of the In Game Options System Menu:

*Set Checkpoint and Save

*Set Options

*Souls Like Gameplay

*Manual Save



*Enable all

*Disable all



*Enter Shrines

*Hero's Souls

*Change Equip

*Punitive Death


*Spawn Rate







*Enable all

*Disable all


*Regular Enemies

*Stal Enemies

*Regular Stals

*Stal Lynels



*Yiga Archers

*Yiga Soldiers

*Yiga Sword Masters


*Mini Guardians

*Guardian Stalkers

*Mini Bosses


*Stone Talus





*Show Active Enemies


*Chests System

*Random Locked Chests

*Locked Chests

*Random Chests

*Default Chests

*Warping System

*Punitive Blood Moon

*Skills System

(Video) DARK ARMY RESURRECTION - a Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild MOD

*Show Active Options

As you notice on the menu, you can always check which are your active options and which are your active random spawning enemies.
All the options are fully described in game.

CustomSaving System

Basically this system disableManual Save and Autosave, giving you the possibility to save in justthree spots:

*Sleeping Inside Inns
*CheckingCampfire (you can't pass time here, just saving the game)
*Sleepingin house's beds (you can also save game without sleeping)

Savingthe game will also set a Checkpoint so if you die, you gonna bewarped to your last Checkpoint. If you don't have any Checkpoint set,you gonna be warped inside the Shrine of Resurrection. When you die in a Dungeon you gonna be warped to the Dungeon Entrance, when you die inside a Divine Beast you gonna be warped to the Divine Beast Entrance, when you die inside Hyrule Castle you gonna be warped to Hyrule Castle Entrance
When you start a new game, you gonna be ableto manual save and autosave inside the Shrine of Resurrection, assoon as you get the Sheikah Slate, the manual save and autosave willbe disabled, so your first save can be made by one of the campfiresafter finding the first Tower.


Prohibitions are a group of actions that will be disabled in certain situations.
When you are Fighting or Swimming or Diving or Falling, you won't be able to Eat, Warp, Changing Equipment (Armors) or Enter in Dungeons or Activate Panels.
Your Hero Souls Abilities (the ones you get after Divine Beasts), will be disabled when you are inside the Divine Beasts, inside Hyrule Castle and when you are fighting end level Bosses.
You'll need to use moreStrategy and Tactics before going in battles.

Puntive DeathWhen youdie, you lose your Rupees, Chests Keys, Sheikah Batteries and Souls,your Checkpoint will be reset, Enemies will be Resurrected, and thegame will be Saved. If you have a RedStar in your inventory, the Red Star will be destroyed saving yourSouls.

Enemies Spawning Rate

You can control the Rate of the Random Spawning Enemies, and select which enemy you want to be random spawned. By default all enemies (except Moldugas) will be randomly spawned and the default rate is set to 'Normal'. You have 4 options for Spawning Rate, Low, Normal, High and Extreme. Choose the one fits better your gamestyle.

ChestsSystemDAR introduce a brand new ChestsSystem that will change some game mechanics and will add morechallenge to your experience with this mod.
Basically allChests in the game will be Locked, so you need a new itemcalled 'Chest Key' to open them.
You gonna find ChestsKeys inside barrels, pots, wood boxes, iron boxes, and also almostevery enemy has a probability to drop them. You can carry a maximumof 10 keys and when you die you gonna lose all your keys.
Youcan actually choose to use along this system also the ‘LockedRandomized Leveled Chests’ that will randomize the content ofall chests in game, except some quests key chests, like ChampionsWeapons, Maracas, Thunder Helm and Small Keys in Dungeons.
Ipersonally suggest you to select the last option 'LockedRandomized Leveled Chests' in the 'Chests System Selection'cause it's the most unpredictable and enjoyable option.
The ‘Locked Randomized Leveled Chests will let you find betterweapons, items, arrows, ores, as soon as you complete DivineBeasts.
Here are details of how Chests will scale theircontent:

No Divine Beasts completed
Weapons- Bone's Weapons, Spike bone's weapons, Traveler's weapons, Soldier'sweapons, Regular Ancient Weapons, Territorial Weapons, Whip Sword,Lynel Axe.
Items - Regular Arrows Bundles (x5, x10),Purple Rupee, Elemental Arrows Bundles (x5), Opal, Amber, LuminousStone.
Armors - All armors, All Horse's Saddles, AllHorse's Reins.

1 Divine Beast completed
Weapons- Dragonbone's Weapons, Knight's Weapons, Fire Weapons, AncientWeapons +, Lynel's Weapons, Falcon Bow, Edge of Duality, CerimonialTrident, Demon Carver, Meteor Rod, Blizzard Rod, ThunderstormRod.
Items - Ancient Arrow (x1), Silver Rupee, TravelMedallion.

2 Divine Beasts completed
Weapons- Royal's Weapons, Ice Weapons, Ancient Weapons ++, Mighty Lynel'sWeapons.
Items - Ancient Arrows Bundle (x3), Gold Rupee,Star Fragment.

3 Divine Beasts completed
Weapons- Royal Guard's Weapons, Electrical Weapons, Cherry's AncientWeapons, Savage Lynel's Weapons.
Items - Ancient ArrowsBundle (x5), Master Cycle Zero Rune.

Water Divine Beastcompleted
Weapons - Ice bow, Ice Weapons, Ice BasedMagical Weapons, Lightscale Trident.
Items - Ice ArrowsBundle (x10), Sapphire.

Electric Divine Beastcompleted
Weapons - Electric Bow, Electrical Weapons,Electric Based Magical Weapons, Scimitar of the Seven,Daybreaker.
Items - Electric Arrows Bundle (x10),Topaz.

Fire Divine Beast completed
Weapons- Fire Bow, Fire Based Magical Weapons, Boulder Breaker.
Items- Fire Arrows Bundle (x10), Rubin.

Wind Divine Beastcompleted
Weapons - Wind Based Magical Weapons, GreatEagle Bow.
Items - Bomb Arrows Bundle (x10), Diamond.

Warping System

You gonna need an new item called ‘Sheikah Battery’ to be ableto fast travel in maps locations.
Sheikah Batteries are dropped by Guardians and you can carry a maxof 5 batteries.
The batteries will be lost after a Blood Moon or when you die.

Punitive Blood Moon

Everytime a Blood Moon occurs you will lose all your Chests Keys,Sheikah Batteries, Fairies, and all your Souls. If you have a RedStar in your inventory, the Red Star will be destroyed saving yourSouls.


(Video) Dark Army Resurrection and Second Wind - Great Plateau - Zelda BOTW

There are 3 levels of skill for each main weapon (small sword,spears, large swords), 3 levels of skill for Flurry Rush, 2 levels ofskill for Bows and 1 Level of skill for Running.You start the gamewith zero levels of skill, to increase your skills you need to find'Souls', which are dropped by enemies. There are two kind of soulsfor each skill (except for Running which has just one soul), thefirst are called 'Soul' and will increase your skill by one level,the second are called 'Soul+' and will increase your skill by twolevels. Souls are dropped by Bokoblin, Lizalfos, Moblins, Yigas and Wizzrobes, while Soul+ are dropped by Lynels, Golems, Hinox and Moldugas. All the Souls are not permanent, they gonna be lost as soonas you die or when a Blood Moon occurs. To preserve your skills youneed to find an item called Red Star, which will be destroyed whenyou die or when a Blood Moon occurs, but it will protect your Souls.You can have a maximum of 3 Red Stars. All the above enemies have a small chance todrop Red Stars. You can buy Souls and Red Stars from Kilton.

Completing Divine Beasts will unlock a permanent Level 1 skill forthe respective weapon:

*Zora Divine Beast will unlock a permanent Level 1 skill withSpears

*Gerudo Divine Beast will unlock a permanent Level 1 skill withSmall Swords

*Rito Divine Beast will unlock a permanent Level 1 skill withFlurry Rush

*Goron Divine Beast will unlock a permanent Level 1 skill withLarge Swords

Permanent Skills won't disappear after you die or when a BloodMoon occurs.
After you get a Permanent Skill, when you get a regular Soulyou'll get Skill Level 2, while if you collect the Soul+ you'll getSkill Level 3.
Here is a Description of each skill level:

*Weapons (Small and Large Swords, Spears)
Level 1: level 1 will unlock advanced combos and willincrease the attack speed by 15%
Level 2: level 2 will increase the attack speed by 30% andwill unlock the multi-hit charge attack
Level 3: level 3 will unlock the ultimate multi-hit chargeattack and you'll have a 20% chance to finish your combo with amulti-hit finisher

*Flurry Rush
Level 1: one extra hit for each weapons
Level 2: two extra hit for each weapons
Level 3: two extra hit plus multi-hit finisher for eachweapons

Level 1:
Running speed increased by 3 times.

Level 0: Speed Decreased
Level 1: Default Speed
Level 2: Speed Increased by 2.5 times
Level 3: Speed Increased by 5 times

Installation Options

Those are the options that cannot be implemented in the in game options system, so you need to select those during the installation and cannot be changed without reinstalling the mod.
Here is a list of all selectable features andoptions:

*Second Wind Compatibility (DISABLED)
Adds Random Chest Support for Second Wind. It also fixes Sleeping Gifts and Evil Crystal drops.
Enable this if you are using DAR paired with Second Wind.

*EnancedPlayer Skills (ENABLED)
Custom Attack, Defence, Skills, Speed and Stamina.

*Rebalanced Flurry Rush (ENABLED)
Since I think the original Flurry Rush is overpowered, I made a rebalanced version which will decrease the number of hits during a Flurry Rush.

*CustomChampions Abilities (ENABLED)
One charge for each abilities with fast recharge.

*Custom WeaponsDurability (ENABLED)
3X weapons durability. Swords, Large Sword andSpears gonna have triple durability, based on Hyrule Rebalncedvalues; Bows and Shields gonna have standard durability; Rods gonnahave less durability.

*Custom Champions Weapons(ENABLED)
Great Eagle Bow is gonna be fireproof, DaybreakerShield is gonna be lightingproof and will autoreflect Guardian Beams,Boulder Breaker is gonna have one Fire charge with fast recharge,Scimitar of the Seven is gonna have one Electric charge with fastrecharge, Lightscale Trident is gonna have one Ice charge with fastrecharge.

*Enable SpecialWeapons (ENABLED)
Selected by default, this let you chooseto implement Special Weapons in the mod.

*FreeShieldsurfing (ENABLED)
Shields no longer take damage from shieldsurfing. They also have no friction, so surfing is easier.

*AncientShield Auto-Reflect Guardian Beams (ENABLED)
Ancient Shields will autoreflect Guardian Beams. This is up to you, if you are goodenough with timing, don't select this; otherwise if you want an extrahelp against Guardians you should definetly selct this.

(Video) Soul Like Gameplay Mod - Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

*Harder Bosses (ENABLED)
Selected bydefault, this let you choose to have harder fights with Bosses. Theygonna have double HP, more resistance and get lower damage from theirweakpoints. Leave this selected if you want an harder challenge.

*Harder Divine Beasts (ENABLED) Experimental
You gonna find more enemies inside Divine Beasts. It breaks the DLC Wind Blight and Fire Blight so just uninstall DAR then reinstall unselecting this option.

*2 Spirit Orbsfor Life or Stamina Upgrade (ENABLED)
Now you'll need just 2spirit orbs to upgrade your life or your stamina, so you don't needto complete all the 120 dungeons to max your life and stamina.

*CheapWeapons, Bows and Shields Slots Upgrade (ENABLED)
You won'tneed to collect all the 900 korok seeds to max your weapons slots,just 148! Now your first slot will cost 1 seed, the second 2 seeds,the third 3 seeds, then all other slots will costs just 5seeds.

*MasterSword with 10 Hearts (ENABLED)
Selected by default, this letyou get the Master Sword with 10 heart instead of 13. This is apersonal choice, it's up to you if you want to use this ornot.

*Long Kick Bombs and Cuccos(ENABLED)
Enhance the power and distance of throwing objects and kick round bombs and cuccos. Square bombs will be throwed.

*Powerful Magnet Glove(ENABLED)
This will double the field of action of the Magnet Glove sobasically you can interact with metal objects from longer distance.

*Respawnable Chests(ENABLED)
Selecting this will make respawn the most of the chests in the main field.

*Max Fairy Number Reduced to 3 (ENABLED)
This will move the Fairies in the key items menu so you wont beable to use the glitch to have 10 fairies.

*No Recovery after Dungeons(ENABLED)
This will disable health recover after you complete a dungeon.

*Fast Cooking (ENABLED)
Skip theanimation of cooking allowing you to cook way faster.

*NoFog in Lost Woods (ENABLED)
Remove the fog at the entranceof the Lost Wood

This will disable the notifications shown when you pick up a new item, disable the Guide notifications, disable the annoying Zelda's voice when you exit Shrine of Resurrection and have to find the first Tower, and make the moon three times bigger, to ehnance the dark atmosphere of this mod.

*Disable Blood Moon Cutscene(ENABLED)
This will disable the Blood Moon video after the first time.Thanks to HGStone to give me permission to use his mod.

*Light EnemiesRecolour (ENABLED)
This will lightlyrecolor Moblins, Lizalfos and Bokoblins to match their skill level.

*Black Stals
Changes the color of stals to be black.

*Darker Night
Darker Nights mod by Silentverge.

*Fixed Level Scaling (ENABLED)
Enemies level autoscaling customized.

*Soul System Based on 3 Skills Levels
You need to select one of this option in order to use the Soul System, here you can set the Souls Droprate. You have 3 options:
*Low Souls Drops
Souls Drops (SUGGESTED)
Souls Drops

*Stals Presence
You need to select one of this 2 options in order to enable Mobs and Stals randomly spawning:
*Night Only (Normal)
*All Day (Hard)

You Have 2 options:
*Medium Camera
*Far Camera

*MasterSword Recharge Time (Original 10 Minutes)
You have 4 option:
20 minutes or 15 minutes or 5 minutes (SUGGESTED) or 2 minutesand a half
If you don't select anything here, the recharge timewill be 10 minutes.

*Select probability of RegularEnemies Resurrection (Bokoblin, Lizalfos, Moblin)
You have 6option:
*Very Low Probability (10% Junior, 20% Middle, 30%Senior, 40% Cursed, 50% Gold)
*Low Probability (20% Junior, 30%Middle, 40% Senior, 50% Cursed, 60% Gold)
*Default Probability(30% Junior, 40% Middle, 50% Senior, 60% Cursed, 70% Gold)(SUGGESTED)
*High Probability (40% Junior, 50% Middle, 60%Senior, 70% Cursed, 80% Gold)
*Very High Probability (50%Junior, 60% Middle, 70% Senior, 80% Cursed, 90% Gold)
If you don't select anything here, resurrectionwill not be used.

(Video) Darker Nights and Brighter Lights (by Silentverge)

*Select probability of generatingCursed Heads after killing Stal Enemies
You have 4option:
*Default Probability (10% Yellow, 20% Orange, 30% Red,40% Blue, 50% Green, 60% Purple and Elemental) (SUGGESTED)
*HighProbability (20% Yellow, 30% Orange, 40% Red, 50% Blue, 60% Green,70% Purple and Elemental)
*Very High Probability (30% Yellow,40% Orange, 50% Red, 60% Blue, 70% Green, 80% Purple andElemental)
*Extremely High Probability (40% Yellow, 50% Orange,60% Red, 70% Blue, 80% Green, 90% Purple and Elemental)
If youdon't select anything here, Cursed Heads will not be spawned byStals.

*Hinox Resurrection Probability
Youhave 3 option:
*Easy (0% Junior, 25% Middle, 50% Senior)
*Normal(25% Junior, 50% Middle, 75% Senior) (SUGGESTED)
*Hard (50%Junior, 75% Middle, 100% Senior)
If you don't select anythinghere, Hinox won't spawn Stalnox when killed.

*EnemiesDrops Keese and Chuchus Probability
Here you can chooseother enemies (Yigas, Talus, Wizzrobes and Guardians) probability todrop Keese and Chuchus when they get killed. For example Guardianshave probability to drop Electric Chuchus.
You have 7 option:
15% or 25% or 35% or 50% (SUGGESTED) or 65% or 75% or 85%.
Ifyou don't select anything here, enemies won't spawn any Keese orChuchus.

DAR Overhaul

In a separate download you'll find DAR overhaul. It is a complete overhaul of many aspect of thegame, including Enemies, Armors, Weapons, Items; it is hardly basedon Hyrule Rebalanced and ArmorRevamp. It is made for people like me that are so used to the Hyrule Rebalanced mechanics that cannot play BOTW without it. At the moment it's a 1.0 version but it will be improved as soon as possible.


Download and install the latestversion with BCML, and make sure to give DAR highest priority in BCML. If you want to use the Overhaul, make sure to give it lower priority then DAR, but still higher priority than other mods.

Dark Army Resurrection [The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)] [Mods] (1)

It is highlyreccomended to use 'extended memory' graphic pack option in Cemu.
It is also highlyreccomended to use the mod Ganon Sleeps, to disable PanicBlood Moons.
Make sure to Backup your SaveGame files before installing.


After installing, if the game randomly crash after a couple of minutes of playing, you may try one of those methods which works great with me.

*1st method
*Go to your BCML folder, then open the 'merged' folder and delete its content.
*Open BCML and click on the 'Remerge' button

*2nd method
*Uninstall BCML, open a teminal and type: pip uninstall bcml
*Uninstall Python from your pc
*Download and install Python 3.8.10 from here
*Make sure to select 'Add Python to Path' during Python installation
*Install BCML, open a terminal and type: pip install bcml*3rd method
*If you still get problems try to repeat this method but when you are installing BCML, type:
pip install bcml==3.9.24
This version of BCML is the one I used for testing the mods and it runs perfectly.


There are some kind of animations bugs that icouldn't figured out how to solve yet:
*Using Harder Divine Beasts breaks the DLC Wind Blight and the DLC Fire Blight so when you need to fight those two memories Blights just uninstall DAR, reinstall unselecting this option, then once you've killed them reinstall DAR.
*When you kill a Stalenemy, sometimes the body kind of freeze instead of falling on theground. This actually can happen very rarely sometimes with regularenemies as well.
*The compendium database is buggy.
Hope tofix those problems with next updates.


Sincethis mod took me several hours of hardworking, I would reallyappreciate if you tell me what you think or have any suggestions onhow to improove it.


*The Auto-Scaling Random Chests System and theAuto-Scaling Randomized Locked Chests System WILL NOT becompatible with other mods that adds custom weapons or customitems.
*This mod REQUIRE the 'extended memory' graphicpack option in Cemu.
* It is highlyreccomended to use the mod Ganon Sleeps, to disable PanicBlood Moons.
*This mod has been designed to follow HyruleRebalanced values, so it's highly reccomended to use it to have thebetter experience. You just need the Main Hyrule Rebalanced module(https://gamebanana.com/mods/49532).


Special Thanks and Credits to banan039for creating the original model of the Stal Lynel(https://gamebanana.com/mods/247918)and gave me the permission to use it for this mod.
SpecialThanks and Credits to ElFonz0 for creating the original model of the Elemental Bows(https://gamebanana.com/mods/49702)and gave me the permission to use it for this mod.
SpecialThanks and Credits to Moonlingfor creating the original model of the Sword of Creator(https://gamebanana.com/mods/49697).
SpecialThanks and Credits to Waikuterufor creating the Randomizer mod (https://gamebanana.com/mods/345664)which inspired me to create the new Chests System.
SpecialThanks and Credits to ZoeyEule.sesetlistand Torphedo forcreating the Dark Souls Bonfires mod(https://gamebanana.com/mods/322615)and helped me implementing the new Die System.
Special Thanksand Credits to ShadowMarth-JTWfor teaching me how to use save flags.
Special Thanks andCredits to Silentvergefor adding Inns in the Custom Save System.
Special Thanks andCredits to Hollofor making Hyrule Rebalance(https://gamebanana.com/mods/49532).
SpecialThanks and Credits to N8endofor making Armor Revamp (https://gamebanana.com/mods/323889).
SpecialThanks and Credits to HGStone for making Quick Moons (https://gamebanana.com/mods/357260).
SpecialThanks and Credits to Baxmann for creating the Dark Army Resurrection Logo, the Active Options Icons, and for Beta Testing.
Special Thanks to H4rl0ck48 for Beta Testing.

If you like this mod please consider making a DONATION

(Video) MOD - Brand New Chests System - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


Can you mod Botw on Wii U? ›

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Is there a permanent sword in Breath of the Wild? ›

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What is the strongest boss in Breath of the Wild? ›

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Does Nintendo allow mods on Switch? ›

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How do I manually install mods? ›

Manual installation
  1. Find a mod to download.
  2. Download the ZIP file. Do not extract.
  3. Open your Userfolder.
  4. Create a folder named mods (if you don't have one already)
  5. Drag and drop the ZIP file into this folder.
  6. The mod should now appear in your Mod Manager (if it does not contain errors)
Jul 15, 2022

Is homebrewing a Wii U risky? ›

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Is Wii U getting shut down? ›

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Is the Wii U shutting down? ›

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Does BotW run better on Wii U? ›

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Is BotW Wii U different from Switch? ›

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How do you update BotW on Wii U? ›

Connect the Wii U console to the Internet. Return to the Wii U Menu and launch the game. The update will be downloaded and installed automatically. Once the update is installed, the newest version number will be displayed on the title screen.


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2. BOTW - Resurrection Mod Beta 1.0
(Mirko Caprino)
3. FAR CAMERA a camera mod for Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
(Mirko Caprino)
4. BotW MOD: Fart_est Test
5. Try mods they said... It'll be fun they said...
6. Playable Calamity Ganon Mod
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