SeatGuru Seat Map ANA (2023)

Submitted by Jason Y on 2020/03/01 for Seat 35H

Traveled on 29 Feb 2020. Seat was comfortable for economy. The unique feature for ANA seats are that they do not recline the usual way. Instead of leaning back, the seat portion slides forward instead. Net result is the same. You’ll never lose table space this way.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2020/02/25 for Seat 24H

We sat in 24HJK. Even for a bulkhead row you get a lot of legroom. With the seat cushion moved full-forward (this plane's equivalent of reclining), there was still over a foot of space between my knees and the bulkhead partition (I am 5'11"). Additionally, from 24H you can extend your legs into the back of the Premium Economy section, which should be an added benefit if you are particularly tall. I know that there are a lot of complaints about the non-reclining clam shell seats that instead use the sliding seat cushion. I personally do not find this design all that uncomfortable and think that it is nice not to have to worry about the seat-recline-rage of late.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2020/02/08 for Seat 1A

Purchased business class and was bumped up to first class at the gate. The seat was great; plenty of leg space for me (6"2"). No noise from the galley and nice to be served 1st. Bed was comfortable and attendant made the bed and hung up my clothes. Attendants surprised me with a birthday pate of cake, fruit and a birthday card. Only downside was the offset window.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2019/12/10 for Seat 19G

Premium Economy. Food / drink service seems no different than regular Economy. Seat is bigger, though. The foot rest is okay, I mainly got the seat for the longer legroom, and that was fine. The seats are a little larger than reg Economy, and worth it. The person in row 18, just in front of me, reclined her seat, and I was surprised by just how far into my space it came. Next time, I will go for row 18.

Submitted by David P on 2019/07/21 for Seat 7D

(Video) BEST Airplane Seats in Economy | Where to sit on a plane in 2023

Great seat with 1.5 Overhead Storage space, and a large table area just right of the monitor for placing even a small suitcase during the flight.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2019/04/07 for Seat 13D

ANA business class is awesome!!If you want to fly on ANA then either book First or Business class.If you can't afford that then book Premium Economy.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2019/03/11 for Seat 40A

Terrible - the seats don't recline. Contact ANA and they said the seat base moves but they disabled the recline so as not to disturb passengers behind. 12 hour flight, no recline, rubbish.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2019/01/16 for Seat 30K

Seat doesn't recline!! I fly a lot but that was the worst long haul flight in a long time. The fact that the seat doesn't recline on a 13hour flight and only the actual seat moves out a little bit made for a very uncomfortable night and hardly any sleep. Next to the very limited legroom because of the door protruding into the leg space I can only deport from flying with ANA on this plane (the Boeing 787 operated by ANA is much better!)

Submitted by Scott M on 2018/06/01 for Seat 28G

ANA Economy Class seats are the worst in the industry because they DO NOT recline! I emailed them to ask the reason for this but I have not heard back yet. I've been on over 200 international and USA flights and most were in economy. This was the first time I've ever seen an entire section (all economy) that does not recline. Flying from Chicago-Tokyo-Ho Chi Minh City on two flights (ANA 11 & 831) for a total of 19 hours in the air without any recline is just not comfortable. If you choose ANA I recommend booking Premium, Business, or First class...if you can't afford that then book with another airlines. It's really unfortunate because everything else about ANA is great. The quality of food/beverage and the flight attendant service were better than most....but I still won't fly ANA again because it's too difficult to sleep and get comfortable without a little recline.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2018/03/03 for Seat 27A

I was on ANA 105 from LAX to HND. The entire Y class seats cannot recline at all, only the seat back slide down and the seat slideforward. My seat is 27A. For 10 hours flight on non-recline seat, WOW.


Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/12/30 for Seat 20C

curtains stay open so it feels part of economy cabin

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/11/12 for Seat 31j

All economy seats gave USB plugs for power. VERY Comfortable.

Submitted by John W on 2017/10/21 for Seat 19A

The leg rest provided good thigh support, made a huge difference. The seat reclined more than i had expected, next best thing to a lay flat seat. Food was better than average, but nothing to write home about. Ample room in the seat; I’m 5’7” but muscular. Great service.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/04/01 for Seat 25H

Flight from NRT to JFK in seat 25H, first row of Premium Economy. Service was very good, food was from Economy. Snacks, drinks available in galley throughout flight. Legroom was quite sufficient and not impeded by Business Class bulkhead partition. Seats are slightly wider and have more legroom in general in Prem. Eco. USB charging port available at every seat. For a 14+ hour flight, this was a very comfortable way to fly. Food could have been slightly better.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/03/19 for Seat 20G

Good Premium Economy product. Service is really nothing beyond Economy, but the slightly upgraded seat is nice. Only thing to beware of in the middle section of row 20 (seats D, E, F, G) is that ANA uses row 24 for parents with small children. The parents can use tables in the bulkhead to lay their children on. There is a divider, but it has a 'window' in it right about head level. My last flight was filled with screaming babies in this row and it made it impossible to sleep or focus on work. The kid right behind me kept tapping the top of my head and the parent didn't seem to care.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/02/10 for Seat 6K

(Video) 6 Tips to Choose a Seat Depending on Your Flight

Flew in seat 6K on NRT to IAH route - Shows a bad seat here, but to me is just as good at 5A. Extremely private being in the forward mini-cabin and up against the window. The window is slightly misaligned but not missing one. The lav right behind does not add any noise at all. I never heard it once. I'd always try to get this seat, or 5A.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/07/24 for Seat 10E

in this aircraft all business seats are quite independent. for this reason, the best seats are the single seats on windows. even if you travel with somebody the middle seats are quite separated. some of the window seats are better than others. the ones that have the "table area" is on the isle for this gives much more privacy while sleeping.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/06/17 for Seat k8

Noise from AC on the floor along side of seats are quieter

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/03/01 for Seat 28D

28D is a regular economy seat. Legroom is pretty good for economy, width is ok, but the seat cushion is very firm. Would be uncomfortable for a long haul flight. No air vents.

Submitted by Sergey F on 2016/01/05 for Seat 7A

All business seats are too NARROW and uncomfortably. Restroom is SMALL, toilet is also SMALL.

Submitted by Paul H on 2015/01/30 for Seat 36H

The overhead bin opposite of me (where my wife sat, in 36G)is designed to not open. This can be quite troublesome for those with carry on luggage!Also of note, we flew ANA from Delhi to LAX and on both of their planes, there is no passenger vents over the must rely on the overall vent system of the plane.

(Video) How to check seats on

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2014/09/29 for Seat 5A

Seat 5A in business class was fantastic! The design of ANA's bus. class seats provide so much table space, storage, and room to fully lie flat to sleep. 5A in particular felt very private and 'exclusive', and had a great view from the window (alternating seats are not close to the window).

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2014/09/21 for Seat 18C

I have flown in seat 18C Premium Economy. I think that if you can reserve this seat, it would be a good choice to do so.First, the seat has extra legroom. It is wide, and I think you can relax well.In addition, people will not congregate here due to the lavatory, because the toilet (in front of 18A&C) is for business seat passengers, and Premium economy & economy passengers are not allowed to use it.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2014/09/19 for Seat 10C

Flew in 10C in Business Class between Tokyo and DC and loved the seat. There is outstanding room, comfort, and privacy. The bed length is fantastic, and they provide a nice "bed mat" and comforter. Only detractor on the bedding is the very small pillow. The only problem with the product -- and it applies to all classes of service -- is the extremely poor AVOD selection. The choice of programming in English is paltry and if you're flying between the US and Asia roundtrip in the same month, you'll have exhausted your programming less then half way during your outbound journey.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2014/09/15 for Seat 12C

I have flown in 12C Business Staggered. Full flat bed gave me a comfortable sleep of 5 hours out of 9 hours flight. Row 12's window views are obstructed; especially 12K doesn't have direct window view. So does 12C, as "C" seats are not window side originally, it doesn't affect comfortableness so much.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2014/03/22 for Seat Excellent

I have flown twice in seat 5H Business Staggered and I love it. Excellent comfort (I am 6'3"), storage, amenities, and good sense of privacy even with seat on aisle. Flat bed position is very comfortable and comes with a full length comfort pad. Service is excellent. I have also flown in the First Class section and my comments are similar.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2014/01/03 for Seat 2K

(Video) All Nippon Airways PREMIUM ECONOMY on Star Wars B787-9!

The seat is very wide. I didn't like there suite because it blocked off most of the windows. You can look out maybe 1 1/2 window compare to other airlines that has 4 windows unblocked. Service was good and food was very good and you can have them serve you anytime during the flight. Light meal was pretty good also. I recommand the curry seafood and the 3 kinds of fry fish cakes.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2013/09/16 for Seat Business Stagge

The ANA "Business Staggered" configuration provides for all seats to have direct aisle access. There is more privacy on the rows where the table is on the aisle. The window "A" and "K" seats have the seat next to the window and the table between the seat and the aisle. The center section alternates, so view the seatmap for selecting these more private seats if you can.


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